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Live Craps Record!

Roll Tracking for yourself, or other shooters. Get an edge on your craps game! Tips & Karma! Re-FUN YOUR Bankroll!
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Do you have real control in shooting craps, or are you just lucky? What is the trend at the table? Improve your cash flow, find out what the table is doing, statistically and WHO the lucky shooters are, then track your own shooting, definitively. Which numbers are hot and which are dry? Does craps follow craps? With LCR, and some patience, you can find out!
Our take on the game of craps.

Craps Rules, Philosophy, Strategy & How to use LCR

A bit about our approach to playing Craps, Rules and Etiquette, Money Management, Trends, Hedging, Throwing, Dice Setting, Patience, and Using LCR to Improve your Game and make some MONEY. A special focus on the typical statistical pyramid, vs Hop Chart actuals. This is our take on playing craps.
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